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If your brand no longer represents what your business is all about, or if you feel that things have changed in the market and there is a need for a fresh approach, then retaining the services of a brand identity agency is the best way to take the concepts that you have in mind to new heights. +

You know where your core competencies lie and the fact that you create and deliver great products or services is something that needs to be protected. Rather than risk getting your brand wrong, or positioning it in a way that simply does not resonate with your target audience, the presence of an objective pair of eyes with specialist insight and knowledge about marketing and branding can make a huge difference.

The Best Brand Development Agency in Canberra

At Foundry, we help businesses find the visual means of communicating effectively with the customers and target market. We have considerable experience in this industry, with more than 15 years of creativity and application of a design strategy to our name. Whether you are working to a deadline, or if you are planning for a new launch, just let us know and we can schedule a plan to achieve a fantastic new brand.

Whatever you require, whether it’s branding, digital, signage, print or a custom WordPress website, rest assured that we have the expertise to deliver and tailor a package that will suit your needs. Our proposal document is currently available should you wish to explore our process in greater detail.

What Your Brand Identity Communicates

Here at Foundry, our experience working in brand development for Canberra businesses and entrepreneurs as well as some very well-known names across education and government departments gives us a wealth of knowledge. This experience has equipped us with the ability to competently leverage our skills to bring compelling and exciting brands to life no matter which industry our clients belong to.

A brand means the same thing to each client and they should appreciate just how much is communicated to the target market through the identity that they present. Your brand isn’t just a logo, it’s all of the component parts that make up your entire marketing, advertising and communication efforts.

Your website, your social media, the packaging you use and even the fonts and colours, all must deliver a consistent message that reinforces what you are all about and the story that your loyal customers will relate to.

Humans love storytelling and are highly adept at recognising where messages do not fit with the story told to date. So, getting all of your visual elements right is essential because each interaction with a current or prospective customer is a chance to remind them of their feelings for what your brand represents.

So much can be communicated through a great brand strategy. It is your calling card and how you demonstrate to your audience just how different you are from the competition, and why they should favour you over all others.

At Foundry, as the leading brand identity agency in Canberra, we believe that businesses are built from the ground up, and a key part of the foundation of what makes you unique in a crowded marketplace is the story that you tell. We are passionate about great design and we love nothing more than creating eye-catching, clever brands that create a positive response in the target audience.

If you want to discuss your business’ needs, feel free to book a discovery session with us today. We have the ability, design flair and branding knowledge to transform your image and start a communication with your customers that will inspire loyalty and build trust.

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