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Any business that wants to survive in the digital age must realise that there’s more to connecting with customers than simply setting up social media pages. In the past, a logo and a clever slogan were enough to generate interest. +

Things have moved forward a lot and now customers expect to build a relationship with the brands that they value. How you communicate, what your business looks like and the values that you speak to all add up and can drive profitability.

Fortunately, for those that recognise the need for brand strategy in Canberrayou’ve come to the right place.

The Brand Strategy Agency Creating for the Digital Age

At Foundry, we pride our service on delivering highly effective, quality brand strategies for our clients. Having worked in the industry for the past 15 years, we have seen the impact that social media has had on how companies advertise and market. That said, we know that it is one arm of your strategy and that there is a multitude of ways that you can reach your target market and make a positive impression on them.

Creating customer recognition is important but retaining their loyalty is the ultimate goal. This requires building a credible brand identity around a story that is uniquely your businesses.

There is little point in following the trends if you are just going to mimic what your competitors are doing. Instead, thinking about how your business could engage is the smart approach to communicating and reinforces the consistent, professional message that your customers recognise as being entirely yours each time.

Why Your Business Needs Brand Strategy

The reason so many businesses seek a branding and strategy agency to counsel and deliver design, brand and digital solutions is because having an impartial, objective voice that specialises in visual storytelling is important. Customers are used to making snap decisions. Good social media content is rewarded with attention, anything that is not engaging does not last more than a couple of seconds.

Here at Foundry, we believe that your brand is the calling card that your audience should recognise wherever they engage with it. Having a clever, engaging and well thought through strategy in place makes it possible for you to differentiate your offerings from those of your competitors. Rest assured, everyone is competing for the attention of those you are trying to reach, so tapping into what it is about your brand that appeals and is different is essential.

A strong business launch is great for generating buzz and word of mouth. However, you only get to do this once and need to prepare to capitalise on the momentum that is generated from it. You want those customers that take the plunge and buy your goods or services to stay with you and recommend your products.

Loyalty is the key to customer retention and investing in the advice and guidance of a brand strategy agency can streamline this process and prepare you for each phase of your marketing and advertising plans. We can help you to build your brand into everything you do.

At Foundry, we have made our ’10 Steps to Build Your Brand and Boost Your Biz’ guide free to download to prospective clients, so feel free to get your copy now. We can help you harness the potential that is inherently present in your business and filter it into a brand experience that will increase the perceived value of your products or services in the eyes of your customers.

So, if you want to stand out, foster loyalty and grow your business through smart brand strategy, contact Canberra’s go-to brand specialists right here at Foundry. We look forward to working with you soon.

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