Like getting dressed for the big day.

It’s like getting your business dressed for it’s wedding day.

It’s pretty common these days that the first encounter between business and potential clients is through the form of a logo, or as a designer might like to call a brand identity.

Considering that for a moment, nothing more than an icon or wordmark to lay your claim as a trusted provider that can service and cater for a potential clients needs — often without a supporting statement, discussion or meeting.

In a world that seems to get busier with more content than ever before bidding for our attention,  it seems that now first impressions may count more than ever. In most cases, you wouldn’t go to your first business meeting with a potential client wearing thongs, stubbies, and a singlet. So why would you let the brand identity of your business say otherwise?

It can be a tricky task, but the importance of presenting a well designed brand is ever more crucial in todays crowded business landscape. A well designed identity could be the difference between the click of a link to your website, a phone call from a new prospect or ultimately locking in a new client.

But why would would you pay for a designer when you’ve got MS word, clip art and a full suite of system fonts at your disposal? We’ll that might be true, but a design professional brings more to the table than fancy fonts and the ability to create a nice picture, although they will do that too.

Creating an effective Identity is about simplifying the message, making it unique, memorable and reflective of your business and its aspirations. It should be concept rich and build a rapport with the audience. There is definitely an art to creating a great identity — any designer will tell you that.

So what does it take to create a great identity?

A trusted partnership between designer and client, working together to a common goal — getting you noticed, building trust in your business, creating more interest and ultimately generating more leads.

You’d agree, a tall order for someone without design experience, some clip art and a copy Word.

Next time you consider the cost of paying a professional to help create your identity, perhaps consider the potential cost of lost clients. Sure, the initial outlay will be a higher cost, but it will be a good investment over the long run.

Xmas Party Survival Guide

Xmas Party Survival Guide.

It’s that time of the year again – The end of the year is nigh and it’s time to let your hair down and celebrate the working year that was. But there’s one hurdle yet to jump – the office Christmas party. It can be scattered with land mines and tricky situations.

Fortunately for you, we’ve compiled a few pointers for navigating the office Christmas party and ensuring your dignity, and job, is intact on your return in the new year.

Less is more.

We find ourselves saying this one a lot, but this could be the most important rule when it comes to alcohol and the party season.

But since you’re all going to ignore this one – just do you’re best with the remaining 8 rules.

Drink Water.

A drink of water between every alcoholic beverage, sure, you’ll need to visit the toilets more frequently – but tomorrow you will be grateful.

Careful with criticism.

We’ve all got ideas about how we’d run the company differently, but after 7 Coronas and 3 tequila shots, it might not be the best time to voice your opinions.

Office Romance.

Jill in accounts has been checking you out, or is that just her lazy eye? Either way, If you’re going to have a crack at a fellow employee, the Christmas party may not be the best time to try it on.

You know the Canapés are for everyone.

Take one canapé at a time. Just because you can physically hold four sushi rolls at once, doesn’t mean you should.

Dress appropriately.

You can look sexy any other night out of the year. It’s not worth your career or the dreaded nip slip.

You’re not at the club, yet.

You’re not at schoolies or in the club, so don’t take Nellys ‘it’s getting hot in here’ as an excuse.

Mistletoe is no guarantee.

Simply standing under mistletoe is not reason enough to lay a kiss on that colleague you’ve had your eye on – An unsuspecting kiss that fails will be a top conversational piece at the water cooler come new year.

A sick day is not an option.

Don’t call in sick the next day. That ‘bug’ shit isn’t going to fly.

The notebook

Welcome to the notebook.

We’ve gone and made ourselves a blog – It’s called ‘the notebook’, partly because it’s good looking like Ryan Gosling and secondly because the poor use of grammar will probably make you cry. For both of these reasons we think it’s worth a look. We’ll be working away at filling it with informative design articles, studio insights, artistic endeavours (that we don’t get paid for) and random thoughts that keep us awake at night. Happy reading Mum!

Our new home.

Our old new home.

It’s been a busy time over the past couple of months here in Geelong Street. We’ve been renovating an unused warehouse and turning it into our design studio and a creative hub that we share with Canberra based apparel company Multiply Mfg. Co. and local photographers Lightbulb Studio.

It’s taken a good amount of construction, painting, sanding and polishing. Along with a healthy share of blood, sweat and beers. But after all of the hard work, and looking at the photos, I’m sure you’ll agree, that the outcome has been nothing short of amazing.

We’ve created a studio/warehouse that will be an exciting creative workspace for the years to come. So whether you need apparel, photography, graphic design or just some general creative advice – chances are, we’ll be able to help.

Come in soon for a coffee and chat, we’d love to show you around!

Night Moves.

Night Moves.

We’ve been working on our night moves again with Lightbulb studio and our pals at Little Flexi. This time we’ve created some of our favourte illustrations and patterns with a light painting tool called the pixel stick. This bad boy lets us paint the streets in the most legal way available – no clean up or swift getaways needed.

It creates a light projection that we capture by camera using a long exposure. It’s a pretty nifty piece of gear and we’ve got a few more projects in the mix with this little guy. Stay tuned to this Bat channel – there’s more coming soon!