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Unless you move with the times you face the possibility of being left behind as upcoming generations fail to connect with your brand. New thinking is important but in the context of what your brand stands for and how it positions itself in today’s economy.


While an internal strategy can achieve a lot, sometimes reaching out to a professional with brand experience can provide the breath of fresh air that is needed to give new life to your business

Here at Foundry, we love design and branding and believe that when they are done right, they have the potential to help businesses and products grow. If your company needs an image change, or if the brand needs to be repositioned to offer customers and partners a new way of perceiving it, then our professional service can help.

Brands that suddenly fall out of favour often experience a downturn in their business over a few months or maybe even years. While your focus is on the daily requirements of running the business and meeting targets, it is easy to lose sight of how changes in the market place change consumer perceptions and in time make your tired old brand irrelevant.

It’s also true that changes within the organisation occur, which can result in corporate cultural differences that have little to do with what their brand once meant. It’s important in such situations to address the issue as possible and with our help, you can revitalise your image and brand so that it regains its relevance in the market.

At Foundry, we have been working in this industry for over 15 years. Experience working in design groups before striking out independently gives us a considerable skillset, which makes it possible to adapt to the diverse requirements of our clients.

We use brand, digital and design to help promote trust, build loyalty and change attitudes.

Brand experience is an important feature of the design agency you hope to work with. The good news is that you can browse through some of the well-known businesses, government bodies and educational institutes that we have successfully completed projects for in the past. Regardless of the nature of the project and what is required, we can tailor our services and agree on a workable deadline.

Our clients love the fact that when they bring us to the table we come equipped with plenty of fresh, exciting and innovative ideas. Having the presence of an impartial outside voice is essential when determining the best way to represent your business to the world. We take the time to learn what it is about your business that is unique and work hard to build its story into the brand.

Those that wish to learn about past clients’ experiences are invited to read our Google reviews and check out the portfolio of work that we have uploaded to the site. We consistently receive messages of thanks for our hard work, eye for design, creativity and delivery of excellent results with minimal fuss or need for revisions.

At Foundry, we appreciate that time is often of the essence, so you can trust that we have a process in place to minimise the time to begin work. We have a proposal document ready to share with prospective clients and our free guide to building your brand and boosting your business can be downloaded now.

When you need an agency with brand experience in Canberra, trust that here at Foundry we are the specialists that create dynamic, exciting branding for the 21st Century. Book your discovery session now.