• Foundry is a brand design studio based in Canberra, Australia.

We provide clarity to brands by crafting how they look, feel and sound through strategically guided design.

We’re here to help brands gain focus, value and difference through design. By providing a mix of brand strategy, design and digital solutions we partner to connect your brand to those who are ready for it.

Every day we work with businesses of all sizes to help them create stronger customer recognition through memorable branding experience design.


At Foundry, we are a brand design studio based in Canberra and every day we work with businesses of all sizes to help them create stronger customer recognition through memorable branding experience design. For the past 15 years, our experience in this industry has given us a wealth of expertise and insights into how consumers behave and what they respond to.

But, rather than simply applying off-the-shelf marketing concepts to the design of your logo, branding or communications, we believe that attracting clients depends on a professional, consistent front that tells a story.

Our unique approach to design seeks to unearth the heart of what your business is about. We can then use brand, digital and design to build trust, change attitudes and ultimately create loyalty among the customer base.

Yes, the products or services that you deliver will determine your success in the long run. However, what is it that connects the customer to your product and inspires them to choose you over your competitors? It’s your brand.

The design must be on point on all fronts, from packaging deisgn to the logo design to your social media channels. If it reflects what you do and what your business is about and your customers can empathise with that, your brand becomes a highly valuable asset as you strive to grow.

Here at Foundry, we have seen countless businesses change their message and their identity on several occasions. Any initial success from these changes that is not followed up with content, activity and a sense of consistency will be lost, simply because they don’t know what you’re about.

As a leading design studio serving Canberra’s business community, we understand the value of good storytelling.

f you can communicate what makes your business unique and evoke feelings in your audience, then this can increase brand favourability. Why does this matter? Well, because the goal is for the customer to see your brand on a shelf and remember what they felt in a positive way. Suddenly, your products mean something to them and compel them to take action and make a purchase.

Stories are told in many different ways, so it’s worth giving your image(s), the font used and colours that you choose a lot of thought before sending your goods out into the world. That’s where we can make a huge difference.Whether you require design support or you wish to refresh your branding, you can rely on us to bring our considerable expertise to the table and create a strategy or deliver solutions that will allow you to take your business to the next level.

At Foundry, with our help, you can improve the perceived value of your products or services in the minds of the people who matter the most. That is, the customer. Even if you are a small business just starting out, trust that an investment in your brand can generate the footfall and sales you need to thrive.

FoundryCo is proud to be recognised as one of Canberra’s best creative design agency, brand identity agencyand graphic design agency.

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We specialise in brand design visual identities campaigns websites print packaging or any creative communication needed to form an authentic brand experience — Always guided by research and thoughtfully crafted in execution.

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