• Foundry is a corporate branding agency based in Canberra, Australia.

We provide clarity to brands by crafting how they look, feel and sound through strategically guided design.

We’re here to help brands gain focus, value and difference through design. By providing a mix of brand strategy, design and digital solutions we partner to connect your brand to those who are ready for it.

Have you ever wondered why when a choice between two different brands, one of which is lower-priced, is before you, you choose the more expensive one, even though you are familiar with the cheaper option and know it competes like for like? This isn’t some strange phenomenon, but rather the result of a connection that was created between you and the brand you prefer over time.


corporate branding agency knows that customers create emotional connections with brands that they share values with and so businesses that tap into the story behind their brand and communicate it in a more effective way stand a greater chance of creating loyalty through customer recognition.

At Foundry, we specialise in creating a unique and memorable face for your brand. We know what it takes to attract the ideal clients to your brand over all others and regardless of the industry that you occupy it is always worthwhile investing in your image the way that you communicate in the marketplace. We can help you stand out in the crowd and work with you to increase the perceived value of your brand, which will inevitably boost profits.

To us, each client represents a fresh, exciting new challenge to deliver our open and friendly service, and create something truly unique. We can help you with the brand, digital and design across everything from print, signage and even developing a custom WordPress website. Consistency is key to your brand and we have the expertise to help you create a valuable asset that will reap many rewards for your business.

Here at Foundry, we understand that customers spend their time assessing the different brands that are before them and making decisions that are tied to their emotions. Never underestimate the recognition factor. Think about a customer who has travelled far from home and sees a brand from their native country on a shelf.

Their immediate response is an emotional one and the likelihood is that they will buy, regardless of the alternatives available because they recognise the connection it has to who they are.

Our corporate branding agency has worked with businesses, educational institutes, government bodies and entrepreneurs, all of whom were ambitious and wanted to connect with their audience in a meaningful way. With our help, you can differentiate your brand even within a crowded marketplace and build a story around it that is relatable and creates empathy with the target market.

This has a wonderful effect on business as time passes and your success story continues. It makes the introduction of new products or services much easier since the brand is established and already means something to so many who trust what your products and will be more likely to try new offerings.

A loyal brand following is invaluable, since it creates word of mouth, prompts new customers to try what you have out and it can even pass from generation to generation.

At Foundry, we understand that great brands don’t happen because of good luck. They are carefully thought through and the business behind them realises that all parts of how they communicate, whether it is visually through their packaging and advertising, through print or via the tone of their social media must go hand-in-hand and inspire the same feelings and response.

So, if you believe that your brand could use a fresh perspective, or if you are just starting out and want to communicate how wonderful your products or services are, get in touch with the corporate branding agency that can deliver on all fronts here at Foundry.