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It’s safe to say that all business owners know the importance of having a great logo. The 20th Century taught us the power that a unique logo can have and the influence it exerts over its customers’ choices. Designing a great logo that will stand the test of time and speak to the nature of your business is specialised work, which is why smart entrepreneurs that want to make an immediate impact partner with a logo design agency.

At Foundry, we appreciate great design. We believe that your logo could become a visual cue for quality, dependability, trustworthiness, skill or whatever you need it to stand far. No two businesses truly ever want the exact same thing from their logo.

Yes, they all want it to look good and be immediately eye-catching, but depending on the story behind the brand and who is driving it forward, the destination that they are headed for may be quite different, even from their closest competitors.

As such, we tailor packages to suit our clients depending on their requirements and the nature of their business/organisation. We love design and branding in Canberra, and we start each project the same way – by learning all about you and your brand story. This gives us the chance to create a unique brand identity that will both stand out and reinforce the messages that you communicate to your customers.

Whether you have already gained a lot of followers or if you have yet to announce your business to the world, your logo is most likely going to play a part in the first impressions you make on your target market. Where your business identity is concerned, leave nothing to chance.

There’s a reason why companies and organisations come to us for logo design in Canberra. We’re experts at what we do and we believe in offering quality over cheap knockdown prices. Our team never compromises their standards and we’re known for helping our clients make real connections with their target market.

Here at Foundry, we have met with plenty of clients whose goal is to create the next iconic logo. It’s what we all want, but sometimes taking a step back and thinking about what your business is, what it represents and the people that it is trying to reach will inspire you to go with something much simpler and effective.

You don’t have to have an overly complicated logo; in fact, something too intricate might confuse customers. If it works, fine, but don’t knock simple designs that aren’t iconic – they may generate more than the flashy alternative.

Sometimes the worst thing a business can do is create a logo that is not very different from other businesses in their market. While you want to create recognition and an association with others in your industry, the problem is that it inspires little curiosity in customers’ minds. It may look lazy and they may assume you’re just a generic alternative when the reality is that your products are vastly superior.

Your story and your logo are what matters; so don’t be afraid to be different.

If you’re looking for a logo design agency that will work with you to create a brand that will make lasting connections, we’d love to hear from you today. Feel free to book a free discovery session and let’s chat about how we can work together to find a solution that will take your business to the next level.

When we ask you to think of companies such as Nike, Apple or Puma, chances are that you will instantly think of the logo that they are synonymous with. You have probably also seen logos without knowing the company and correctly guess what they do because of their logo. Logos are the face of any business; they are an exceptional way of communicating information to customers without having to write a single word. This is why they are such an imperative part of your business identity. It’s one of the most essential investments that you can make for your brand.

As an experienced and innovative boutique branding agency, our teams at Foundry know the significance of a logo for your business. We don’t dive right in and produce one off the cuff, however. We hold a discovery workshop with every single client to ensure that we understand the story of your brand and the crucial elements that make your business unique. We take everything into account when coming up with a logo that fits into your brand identity, from what you’re selling to your background, values and client promises.

As a top logo design agency in Canberra, our clients often come to us with an idea in mind but can be unsure about what makes a successful logo. At Foundry, we have 5 factors that we use to create innovative, creative and effective logos that our clients love:






One of the most important factors when it comes to a company logo is that it is simple. When you think of the world’s most famous brands, their logo has one overarching thing in common – they’re simple. This means that consumers can instantly recognise the logo and that they don’t have to spend time unpacking what the logo represents. A good logo is simple but able to convey your brand message quickly and effectively.

Your logo has to be relevant to your brand and this can be done in a number of different ways. The key three aspects of a logo to keep it relevant to your company and your story is colour, fonts and symbols. You want to keep the colour of your logo in line with your brand identity and your services, so children’s brand can be bright and cheerful, for example. The typeface or font of your logo should also represent your identity; if you specialise in technology, for example then an angular, clean font will best represent your brand. The symbol of your logo should represent what you do to your audience, as it can create a visual anchor to help them remember you.

Simply put: your logo needs to stand out from the crowd and make you instantly recognisable in a saturated market.

If you want your brand to be around for decades to come, then you have to have a logo that is going to remain relevant throughout. Only use the most important visual aspects of your brand that are going to remain unchanged through years of trends and fads. You customers will appreciate this consistency.

Never forget that your logo needs to be able to fit in anywhere: from your website to business cards, billboards and TV adverts. This means that you need to have a logo that is versatile enough to change sizes and mediums regularly without losing any of its impact.

These are just some of the aspects that drive our logo design at Foundry and our highly creative team will ensure that your logo isn’t just highly effective but that it also retains the essence that makes your brand unique. Get in touch today for a logo that will make you stand out tomorrow and for many decades to come. FoundryCo is proud to be recognised as one of Canberra’s best creative design agency, brand identity agency and graphic design agency. Call us today!