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We provide clarity to brands by crafting how they look, feel and sound through strategically guided design.

We’re here to help businesses gain focus, value and difference through design. By providing a mix of brand strategy, design and digital solutions we partner to connect your brand to those who are ready for it.

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We believe

In conceptually rich design that connects with people. We believe good design can help build communities and set the platform for change.

We offer

A mix of brand strategy, design and digital solutions, we partner with you to connect your brand to those who are ready for it.

We want

To help brands form meaningful connections with their audience and stimulate change. We want to see better.

No business would turn down the chance to have the brand recognition that some of the major players in the world have. We all recognise the shorthand that a superior package has when a customer is faced with making a choice.


Brands that have captured the public eye for decades know better than to tweak their image very much from one generation to the next. New entrants to any market have ambitions to achieve such heights, but without a strong image consistently communicated, the road to the top table can be a long one.

At Foundry, our packaging branding agency strives to help entrepreneurs, established businesses and organisations that want to build customer recognition to do so. Our extensive experience in design gives us a wealth of insight into effective brand strategy and we can help change attitudes about your brand, add value and build trust among your target audience.

You may already have a brand that simply isn’t working, or that has lagged behind your progress and is a slightly embarrassing representation of the quality you now deliver. If you believe that your brand does not accurately reflect your business today, then you can bet that your customers know this too.

Our mission is to sit down and learn what it is about your business that is unique and build that story into the packaging and design that you can then use to communicate more effectively with your audience. We want you to have a brand identity that you feel proud to share and with our creativity and eye for design on-board, this makes for a sure-fire recipe for success.

As a leading packaging and branding agency, here at Foundry, we believe that it is important to assess the competition that you face. Your brand needs to say something different and inspire a different emotional response in your customers. Looking the same as everyone else leaves their decision-making process to chance, whereas imposing your unique colours, or font or design can make a considerable difference.

We know how important it is for you to stand out from your competitors. However, while going in the opposite direction may be a thought you have had, it is worthwhile designing based on your name, what you stand for and what is valuable to your customers. A major shift in a different direction that says little about the business can result in a negative backlash.

The colours that you choose for your packaging are also crucial. If you are in the healthcare industry, then choosing white, or colours that convey purity and cleanliness evokes the desired response, compared to using bright reds or browns. Your industry implies certain things, but with smart thinking and creative design, you can still differentiate yourself from the competition and create brand recognition.

Every time a customer sees your packaging represents a marketing experience. Your package is a communication tool and, therefore, an advertising and marketing tool. You will likely use the design that will be emblazoned on your packages elsewhere, so it is important to have the input of a professional graphic designer that can help you create something easily transferrable and recognisable.

At Foundry, we invite new customers to book a free discovery session so that we can discuss your business and brand ambitions. We are the packaging branding agency in Canberra that can deliver the unique look for your products that will get them noticed and set them apart from the competition.

Our project gallery is full of our past work and will give you a sense of our flexibility and creativity. Rest assured, when you need to improve your brand communications through packaging, you will find the design and brand strategy solutions you need here at Foundry.

We specialise in brand design visual identities campaigns websites print packaging or any creative communication needed to form an authentic brand experience — Always guided by research and thoughtfully crafted in execution.

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