Like getting dressed for the big day.

It’s like getting your business dressed for it’s wedding day.

It’s pretty common these days that the first encounter between business and potential clients is through the form of a logo, or as a designer might like to call a brand identity.

Considering that for a moment, nothing more than an icon or wordmark to lay your claim as a trusted provider that can service and cater for a potential clients needs — often without a supporting statement, discussion or meeting.

In a world that seems to get busier with more content than ever before bidding for our attention,  it seems that now first impressions may count more than ever. In most cases, you wouldn’t go to your first business meeting with a potential client wearing thongs, stubbies, and a singlet. So why would you let the brand identity of your business say otherwise?

It can be a tricky task, but the importance of presenting a well designed brand is ever more crucial in todays crowded business landscape. A well designed identity could be the difference between the click of a link to your website, a phone call from a new prospect or ultimately locking in a new client.

But why would would you pay for a designer when you’ve got MS word, clip art and a full suite of system fonts at your disposal? We’ll that might be true, but a design professional brings more to the table than fancy fonts and the ability to create a nice picture, although they will do that too.

Creating an effective Identity is about simplifying the message, making it unique, memorable and reflective of your business and its aspirations. It should be concept rich and build a rapport with the audience. There is definitely an art to creating a great identity — any designer will tell you that.

So what does it take to create a great identity?

A trusted partnership between designer and client, working together to a common goal — getting you noticed, building trust in your business, creating more interest and ultimately generating more leads.

You’d agree, a tall order for someone without design experience, some clip art and a copy Word.

Next time you consider the cost of paying a professional to help create your identity, perhaps consider the potential cost of lost clients. Sure, the initial outlay will be a higher cost, but it will be a good investment over the long run.