Our new home.

Our old new home.

It’s been a busy time over the past couple of months here in Geelong Street. We’ve been renovating an unused warehouse and turning it into our design studio and a creative hub that we share with Canberra based apparel company Multiply Mfg. Co. and local photographers Lightbulb Studio.

It’s taken a good amount of construction, painting, sanding and polishing. Along with a healthy share of blood, sweat and beers. But after all of the hard work, and looking at the photos, I’m sure you’ll agree, that the outcome has been nothing short of amazing.

We’ve created a studio/warehouse that will be an exciting creative workspace for the years to come. So whether you need apparel, photography, graphic design or just some general creative advice – chances are, we’ll be able to help.

Come in soon for a coffee and chat, we’d love to show you around!