Xmas Party Survival Guide

Xmas Party Survival Guide.

It’s that time of the year again – The end of the year is nigh and it’s time to let your hair down and celebrate the working year that was. But there’s one hurdle yet to jump – the office Christmas party. It can be scattered with land mines and tricky situations.

Fortunately for you, we’ve compiled a few pointers for navigating the office Christmas party and ensuring your dignity, and job, is intact on your return in the new year.

Less is more.

We find ourselves saying this one a lot, but this could be the most important rule when it comes to alcohol and the party season.

But since you’re all going to ignore this one – just do you’re best with the remaining 8 rules.

Drink Water.

A drink of water between every alcoholic beverage, sure, you’ll need to visit the toilets more frequently – but tomorrow you will be grateful.

Careful with criticism.

We’ve all got ideas about how we’d run the company differently, but after 7 Coronas and 3 tequila shots, it might not be the best time to voice your opinions.

Office Romance.

Jill in accounts has been checking you out, or is that just her lazy eye? Either way, If you’re going to have a crack at a fellow employee, the Christmas party may not be the best time to try it on.

You know the Canapés are for everyone.

Take one canapé at a time. Just because you can physically hold four sushi rolls at once, doesn’t mean you should.

Dress appropriately.

You can look sexy any other night out of the year. It’s not worth your career or the dreaded nip slip.

You’re not at the club, yet.

You’re not at schoolies or in the club, so don’t take Nellys ‘it’s getting hot in here’ as an excuse.

Mistletoe is no guarantee.

Simply standing under mistletoe is not reason enough to lay a kiss on that colleague you’ve had your eye on – An unsuspecting kiss that fails will be a top conversational piece at the water cooler come new year.

A sick day is not an option.

Don’t call in sick the next day. That ‘bug’ shit isn’t going to fly.